Real Estate


Everyone needs a door, whether that door opens to a home, an apartment, a business, a school, or an investment.  This is what makes real estate important and interesting.  Every door is a beginning, an ending, and a story itself.  This is what makes real estate interesting.

Even a simple real estate deal can become difficult to navigate.  Deeds, interests, encumbrances, easements, surveys, licenses, and leases can make an easy transaction complicated.  Vedra Wali LLC can help you manage the complex details of a real estate transaction.

Distressed Property

Falling apart house in a dry forest

Distressed assets are full of opportunity and fraught with hidden problems. Title issues, environmental contamination, competing claims, and uncertainty all affect a distressed asset. Vedra Wali LLC assists buyers in addressing these problems.

Purchase and Sale


Buying and selling property can be both easy and complicated. Vedra Wali LLC can help deal with the many issues that come up in a property transfer, whether that property is large or small, commercial or residential, developed or undeveloped.

Landlord Tenant


A dispute between a landlord and tenant can be acrimonious. Vedra Wali LLC has experience representing both landlords and tenants in commercial and residential property and can assist with all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship from leasing to eviction.


Credit information form

The lender is the third rail to almost every real estate transaction. Having represented both lenders and borrowers in financing transactions, Vedra Wali LLC understands the competing demands that enter into a financed transaction.