Businesses and individuals often confront situations that cannot be resolved without litigation.  Vedra Wali LLC’s attorneys are dedicated and passionate advocates both in and out of the court room.  We listen to you to understand your case and understand your goals, and we work diligently towards finding the best solution possible.  We always take the opportunity to find common ground and seek prompt solutions, but will not hesitate to try your case before the judge and jury.

Real Estate Disputes


A variety of disputes arise involving real estate: contract disputes, encroachments, defects in title and deeds, landlord/tenant disputes, trespass or boundary issues, and foreclosure matters.  

Personal Injury

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Accidents happen. Unfortunately, the victim often cannot recover without suing the wrongdoer and forcing the insurance company to pay fair compensation for the victim’s injuries.

Insurance Bad Faith

Unemployment Benefit Claim Denied Stamp Shows Social Security Welfare Refused

Insurance companies sometimes act unreasonably in settling claims. Where an insurance company unreasonably delays or denies a covered benefit, that is called bad faith.  

Criminal Defense

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The criminally accused are entitled to the full protections of the law.  Defending the criminally accused is one of the highest callings of the legal profession.